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Take A Stroll Down The River With The Mirage Eclipse

Hobie’s Mirage Eclipse is probably the most fun non-engine propelled water sport ever. It is a paddle board, a surfboard, a water scooter, it is everything you’d want to glide on over the horizon and more.

This new watercraft by Hobie stands unique from anything we’ve seen before. The paddle board is run by two foot-powered paddles located under the board itself. Made out of similar material as ordinary stand-up paddle boards, the Mirage Eclipse has a steering wheel allowing you to easily maneuver it. You’ll feel like you’re doing the elliptical up and down the shoreline.

It is incredibly stable, and no previous experience is needed, just get on it and get stomping. Taking fitness out of the gym, the watercraft gives you a near full-body workout. The speed and directions are completely up to you, and once it is up and going it can even just glide over the ocean.

Reading is not like seeing, below is a video from their website.

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