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New Laws To Save Time After Car Accident

To save time for automobile users in Qatar, the Ministry of Interior has announced that people who are involved in car accidents no longer need to run down to a police office to file a report.

Usually, people had to wait for police officers to arrive at the scene of the accident, or head down to the closest police office to file a report, and only go to insurance companies once they have an official police report. Now victims of car accidents can head directly to insurance companies as the state has set up offices in most major insurance companies. The move is aimed to save the average citizen time the Ministry of Interior announced.

The state opened five car accident investigation offices, meaning that today you can finish all your legal procedures following a road incident in one place. Even though the Ministry did not mention any names of insurance companies with this service, Qatar Insurance Company is thought to be featuring this service since it has announced ties to the traffic department before.

The Ministry of Interior added that all investigations into car accidents will be electronically registered and filed, with photos and reports being sent directly from the scene to insurance companies.

The state also said that people involved in accidents will be texted an official copy of the accident police report, and can print it out using the Ministry’s website, or a specific phone application.

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