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Top Five Facebook Pages to Follow

Never be bored online again, keep up with these Facebook pages and keep entertained.

The first thing in the morning and the last before we go to sleep, and every chance we get, we check our Facebook newsfeed. Like my digital media professor always told us in class: “it is not about who follows you, it is about who you follow”. We have brought you some of the most popular and interesting pages on Facebook.

I Fucking Love Science

This page is dedicated to science lovers and everyone else. It brings the latest in technology and scientific news in a language everyone understands. The page is part of the website IFLScience, a science community with a touch of humor.


We all know 9gag, they are responsible for the popularity of memes and have brought us countless laughs. They have been veterans when it comes to internet trends. With their Facebook page keeping you on top of what’s trending and funny, you will never feel bored. 

Earth Porn

Consumed by wanderlust? This page is your small escape. Travel the world through Earth Porn, with pictures from the worlds most amazing scenery. Until we all have enough time and money to explore the world, this page will be our tour guide.


Do we really need to convince you to follow one of the greatest pleasures in the world? The official Nutella page shares news about new products, and always posts new Nutella infused recipes. That’s all we’ll say.

Humans of New York

This page has more than 17 million followers on Facebook, making it one of the most popular pages on Facebook. It was started by a photographer named Brandon Stranton as a photo blog on the cultural diversity of New York city. Stranton wanders the streets of NYC and snaps culture in the happening.

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