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Niya Yoga & Evergreen Organics’ – Qatar’s Newest Wellness Promoters

Jawaher Al Fardan / Instagram

The world is going through a wellness revolution. Everywhere you look, everything you hear, is either about gym, diets or exercise, and Qatar has been keeping up with the world craze. Qatar is home to some of the world’s most luxurious gyms and fitness centers, sports academies and clubs are gaining international momentum, and their wellness scene is forever glowing, and two exquisite addition have are just about to be added.

Opening this June, a new yoga studio and holistic healing center, as well as a fully vegan cafe,  at the Qanat Quartier on The Pearl in Doha.

Qatari entrepreneur Jawaher Al Fardan is all set to launch Niya Yoga and Evergreen Organics’ this June, being the first Qatari owned and operated yoga studio, and Qatar’s first fully vegan cafe. They don’t only give hope to a wellness revolution in Qatar, but spark a wellness lifestyle trend in the region.

The yoga center is actually more than just a “studio”. It consists of two studios for general classes, which can be combined together, creating a single more spacious room for large group classes, as well as a smaller studio for private sessions. The center hopes to run as much as 35 classes a week, with Al Fardan lecturing around two or three herself.

Originally planning on opening a gym in Qatar, Al Fardan chose to open a yoga center after training for more than 500 hours in LA, Bali and India.

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