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Netflix Review – Special Correspondents

Frank Bonneville, played by Eric Bana, is a New York radio journalist who is not afraid to go the extra mile for a news piece. He is frustrated by the fact that he is given smaller assignments than he can offer, and jumps on the opportunity to cover an uprising in Ecuador. He is asked to take along sound technician Ian Finch, played by Ricky Gervais, who is a depressed married man who is stepped over by his egocentric wife, Eleanor.

As they arrive to the airport, Frank finds out that Ian has lost their tickets, passports and money, grounding them in New York, with no way of making it to Ecuador in time. Embarrassed by their failure, the duo decide to stage coverage from a restaurant across the street from the stations office, and become national heroes.

When the Ecuadorian borders are shutdown, the US government commands the two to make their way to the US embassy in Quito. With no apparent other choice, Frank and Ian claims they have been kidnapped by the made-up Ecuador Liberation front, led by the also made up Alvares. When the story becomes national news, with huge efforts to save them, the two have no choice but to find a way out.

Special Correspondents is a smart comedy, entertaining from beginning to end, without the need for exaggeration. It is very well written and executed by genius Ricky Gervais, who wrote, directed, produced and starred in the film. It is not what you would expect from a Netflix movie, this one belongs on the big screen.

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