What to know

2nd Chance Rescue Dog Shelter

Imagine being alone, dumped in a city that is strange to you, with no one to seek refuge in, and no one by your side, forever. That is how an abandoned pet feels. Most pets and larger animals enjoy the same form of affection that humans do. Most have life companions and grow attached of faces and places they see everyday. Therefore it is really hard for a pet to be abandoned, it will feel abandoned.

2nd Chance Rescue Qatar is a nonprofit, no kill rescue shelter in Doha, which takes in injured, abused and abandoned dogs, and try to nurse them back to health.

Founded in 2009, 2nd Chance Rescue provides a new start for some of the abused, abandoned, and unwanted canines across Qatar. It is run by a team of 3 lovely individual that spend day in, day out, trying to provide a better future for unfortunate fluffs.

They began with a housing capacity of up to 20 dogs, and have grown to house over 120 dogs simultaneously. Because of Qatar’s harsh summer conditions, dogs can not survive in the summer heat, therefore they need enough room to house all dogs, and are constantly looking for foster homes for the canines that reside at the shelter.

The residents of 2nd Chance Rescue can enjoy from unlimited food, are accompanied on long walks, and play with the kind staff. They also have a volunteer program for individuals who have the heart to love mans best friend.

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