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Preparing for Ramadan – What to Expect

With the holy month of Ramadan just around the corner you will start to notice a different Doha, a Doha slightly asleep in some places, but highly awoken and active in others. Ramadan is the holiest of months within Islam, and more than a billion people observe it annually.

Since Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, you should expect the whole country to adapt to the the traditions and practices that are part of this holy month. The first thing you should know is that Ramadan is the month muslims fast. From sunrise to sunset, muslims around the world refrain from eating, drinking, sexual intercourse, and try to purify their souls from attachment to materialism. This is a month dedicated to grow closer to your faith, family and community.

Since Ramadan is a fasting month, restaurants and eateries will not be open during the day, but usually have a great setting after fast break. You will find restaurants and venues filled with families and groups of friends since most choose to spend the month with loved ones.

Fast breaking is an important daily event, people will either join their families or invite friends over to share the joy of Ramadan and the blessing of everyday.

The government of Qatar has taken into consideration the fatigue that might come with fasting, therefore public sector workplaces change into a 5 hour workday, and the private sector usually into a 6 hour workday. If you have any legal work, get it done before Ramadan begins.

Despite the difficulty of giving up food during daytime, you find the beauty of Ramadan in the festivities and decorations, and also grow closer to faith through charity work and the thought of others.

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