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A Heaven for Pets – Doha’s Pet Scene

Over the years Doha has grown into a haven for pets. The country’s laws prohibits cruelty against animals and pets, and have dozens of animal welfare associations and veterinary clinics, among other activities for your best friend.

Whenever you feel like going on vacation or have a trip abroad you can call pet sitters to come over and take care of your little companion during your absence. This helps you through the tough decision of whether or not to leave your pet behind when having to travel. Who will feed, clean up after and cater to this special part of your family? Pet sitters will come in and not only feed and clean up after your pet, but many of them offers services such as playing with the pet and giving it affection, they will even take it to the vet and send you daily photos.

If you’re feeling bad about leaving your pet home alone all day, you can send it to one of Doha’s several pet hotels or pet spas. The hotels will give your cat or dog an air-conditioned private suit with a view, toys and someone to play with. The spas will pamper your pet from head to toe. They will give it a trim, a good wash, and little treat right afterwards.

In addition to Qatar’s luxurious pet facilities, the nation also has several pet shelters and homes for stray animals, and many of them put the unfortunate animals up for adoption. If you have a pet already, treat it to a day at the spa, and if you don’t have a pet, adopt one and introduce it to the good life.

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