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Origami Workshops at Katara

Japan has kept the world in awe for centuries and millennia, until this day. The culture-rich island nation seems to have chosen their own path throughout history. From the second you touchdown in Tokyo until the second you leave you are overwhelmed with the feeling of entering the twilight zone.

Perhaps one of Japan’s most famous forms of art, origami has captured the world’s attention for a long time. The craft of creating art using nothing but flat paper and imagination has developed into a world sensation, with competitions, schools and exhibitions all over the planet.

The name origami comes from the words ori, meaning folding, and kami, meaning paper, making it exactly what it is named, the art of paper folding. Traditional Japanese origami, has been practiced since the Edo period, between 1603–1867, and is widely symbolized by the Japanese paper crane sculpture. The art form is categorized by transforming flat sheets of paper into sculptures and designs, usually without cutting or glue.

Today you can learn the secrets of origami for as low as QR 100 at Katara Cultural Village. The center offers classes every Saturday throughout the month of May. The 3 hour long workshops have attracted both young and old since February.

The workshops are given in English and will focus on a new form of origami each week. You will learn how to fold toys, animals, birds, flowers, and clothes and accessories, and are suitable for anyone above the age of 6.

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