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On The Most Action-Packed Episode of Game of Thrones Yet

This post contains spoilers, so for those of you who have not yet been wowed by the latest episode of Game of Thrones, then move on to last week’s article, or another one of our entertaining articles.

So this week is officially the most action packed episode so far in this season. We witnessed, after a very long wait, the reunion of two Stark siblings, the fantastic Jon Snow, and his sister Sansa Stark. Sansa decides she wants to take back the North, however first Snow was hesitant, a while into the episode, Snow receives a letter from Ramsey telling him he will haunt them until Snow returns Sansa to him, else he will butcher their brother Rikon who is now his captive.

The episode evolves with the attempted rescue of Khaleesi. Khaleesi really put on one hell of a show for us this week! The Mother of Dragons proves she is really the unburnt! After the Dothraki  decided to gamble with her fate, she burnt their house down, burning every standing man inside, and emerging from the wild fires untouched!

So this got us at the edge of our seats, this is by far one of the greatest episodes so far. Especially with the audience beginning to see the softer side of the former queen, and her genuine/not-so-genuine empathy towards her son’s wife, queen Margery.

Guess all we can do now is wait, and see what unfolds.

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