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How To Sooth Your Sunburns – Home Remedies

Sun is up, summer is here and everyone is longing to spend some time outside. Summer time is an annual event where we seek out adventures, look for new love and embrace life all over again.

Being out in the sun is always fun, but there’s more to a sunny day than meets the eye. During the hours between 10 am and 4 pm the sun’s rays can be very harmful. This is when the sunshine is in direct alignment with the earth and when UV rays can cause great damage to your skin and eyes.

When your skin feel tight and dry, or seems red and hot, the sun might have gotten the best of you. Sunburns can range from small irritations to cancer causing inflammations. When you’re coming back from a fun day outdoors. From the beach, the park or a just a day out and you feel your skin is acting up, we have quick and easy home remedies below.

Before we go into how to sooth your irritated skin, it is important to remind you to always wear sunglasses and put on sunscreen to exposed body parts whenever stepping outside during the summer.

1 – Moisturizers: After a cool bath, apply moisturizing cream onto your skin. When your skin is burnt, moisture and fluids rush to the upper layers of your skin tissue, so make up by drinking lots of fluids and reapplying moisturizing creams to help rejuvenate those burnt cells. Use a cream rich in vitamins C and E, they will help limit the skin damage. A popular favorite is moisturizing cream with Aloe Vera extract.

2 – Mint and Green Tea: Bring half a pot-full of water to the boil. Take the strings and labels of 4 or 5 tea bags, and along with a cup of mint leaves, throw them into the pot and cover for an hour. After filtering the mixture and letting it cool, soak cotton balls or a washcloth and gently dab onto the burnt area.

3 – Yogurt: Get fresh cultured yogurt and apply directly to the irritated skin area. Yogurt has tons of probiotics and enzymes that help heal your skin. Apply fresh yogurt directly to the skin and let it sit for about 5 minutes. When you feel that your skin is cooler and less red, rinse off with cool water. Just remember to make sure that the yogurt is plain and rich in probiotics.

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