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Skydiving Lands in Doha

Humans can run, they can walk, they can swim and in Doha they can fly… Well free fall, but the thrill is just as breathtaking.

Qatar’s first skydiving center opened its doors to the public earlier this month and you might want to hurry if you want to jump this season. The center was inaugurated just on the 3rd of May, and sessions are already fully booked. Skydive Qatar has announced that the short season will take a break after May, during the month of Ramadan and the summer, but will return next winter.

Lifting you 13,000 feet above ground, Skydive Qatar offers various jump packages. You can jump alone if you meet the right requirements, ask a professional to join you through a tandem dive, and even ask for a women instructor to join you thrill-seeking ladies all the way down. Bookings can be made online through their website, or other outlets across Qatar.

Skydive Qatar’s website ensures the safety of all jumpers by following regulation and codes of conduct, while using top quality parachutes and equipment. You will drop at speeds nearing 225 Kmh and you can also get it on tape.

Most first-timers say you don’t feel like you’re falling, but more like you’re gliding through the wind. So relax, enjoy the view and let go.

The center is located in Al Khor airfield, just north of Doha, and is available for jumps on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. You can also choose to jump either early in the morning, or in the afternoon.


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