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On The Latest Game of Thrones Episode (Spoilers)

For all the die hard game of thrones fans out there, this article contains spoilers, so if you have not yet seen the latest episode of our favorite fantasy-drama show, Game of Thrones, then you should probably not go on reading the rest of this article.

Yesterday evening we all had the opportunity to witness a much anticipated event, the beginning of Jon Snow’s re-birth on Game of Thrones. This episode was action packed, with quite an emphasis on the Starks.

We were truly baffled at the events which took place, and specifically the vision which Bran Stark had of his father during his youth trying to rescue his sister. We wonder if the writers are laying grounds for the famous theory of Jon Snow’s actual parents, whom we speculate are Ned Stark’s Sister, and the Targaryan King. Which would make him the father of fire and snow. Fans are speculating if Snow also has a twin sister, and this scene in the Tower of Joy Flashbacks should be the beginning of an answer to these questions.

Another event which blew us away was the reappearance of Rickon Stark, the youngest of the Stark children, who was offered to Ramsey Bolton. The actor has confirmed that Shaggydog the dire-wolf, is indeed dead, however only time will tell.

We are very much anticipating the coming episode of Game of Thrones, and keenly waiting to learn what will happen to the Mother of Dragons, after having ended up with the Dothraki Widows.

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