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Arabic Calligraphy Workshop At Katara

A very interesting workshop is taking place in Katara. The cultural village is always organizing interesting events, and happenings. There is one workshop currently happening in Katara which we encourage art lovers to take part in.

We all appreciate and love our arabic heritage, it is rich, creative, and utterly brilliant. Katara recognizes and appreciates this heritage, and has hence organized a workshop which we should all take part in.

Katara has organized a workshop for individuals who love and enjoy good arabic calligraphy.

Arabic calligraphy has so many typographic dimensions it is not easy at all to write in arabic it is an artful language which requires good knowledge of the actual language rules and regulations. Especially given that arabic is one of the most challenging languages to utilize.

Arabic calligraphy is much like the arabic language, challenging, interesting, and with its very own sets of rules. The notable thing about arabic hand writing is the fact that every form of arabic calligraphy has a different style, and a specific rule book for the manner at which this calligraphy is executed.

This workshop is taking place from the 1st of May up until the 31st of May. We encourage everyone to take part in this workshop, as it is always important to broaden the scope of our knowledge, and to learn and execute good art!

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