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“If Only They Were This Easy To Reproduce”

Some advertising sells products, some advertising is downright awful, but very little advertising comes to make a point. Young & Rubican created a powerful campaign for the International Fund for Animal Welfare.  young-rubicam-IFAW-campaign-3D-printed-animals-2

The campaign consists of printing three dimensional sculptures of wildlife. This simple technique emphasizes two matters.


To begin with 3D printing animals is quite an easy thing to do, it is simple, swift, and it is the future. However the 3D printing of animals highlights on the ease of constructing matter, all the while showing the complexity and the effort Mother Nature has on creating wildlife.young-rubicam-IFAW-campaign-3D-printed-animals-4

These animals are seen in the process of being built or 3D printed, however when we come to look at the details of this project we truly begin to feel how much of an issue this is and how awful it is for human beings to be destroying wildlife.

The advertisement is captioned “If Only They Were This Easy to reproduce”.  We truly salute the wit, and the message behind this campaign.

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