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Made in Qatar

For our readers from the KSA we currently have some big news. At the end of this coming year, an extremely interesting event is taking place in KSA. The concept began in 2009, and has proved to be extremely successful. This event is titled Made in Qatar.

What is exceptionally significant regarding this event is the fact that all goods at this expose will be goods produced by the local Qatari market.

We all know how important it is for individuals to encourage small businesses, and businesses which are local, and hence bringing these traditions to countries which have a lot in common can render the experience richer.

The total area of this year’s exhibition will cover 10,000 meters of space. Absolutely everybody is taking part in this event, from larger corporations, to smaller and medium sized businesses.

This event is said to begin on the 9th of the coming November, in due time we will definitely bringing our readers more details from this interesting event.

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