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IBM & Marchesa Collaborate To Design An LED Dress Which Reacts To Emotion

Yesterday, we brought you news straight from the most happening night in fashion. However and after we spent the afternoon contemplating the beautiful fashion we have seen on this red carpet, we have come to pick one dress which stood out, and was quite exemplary in terms of embodying the theme, and the spirit of this year’s event.

As you all know this year was the year of ManusxMachina which signifies the influence of technology in fashion, through the merging of both handmade intricacies and technology. We saw a lot of silver, a lot of metallic on the red carpet, as though these mere colors designate the future of fashion.

When we come to think about it, in the sixties and seventies people used to portray the future (which is now) with metallic fabrics, and strong defined lines. However, this is not where we think the future of fashion is, it is not in metallic, and it is definitely not the curve or the angle.

Fashion will always be beautiful, and will always inspire through nature, and through the manner at which people function. Hence the dress we thought was most gorgeous last night, and perfectly embodied the future was a custom Marchesa gown worn by Karolina Kukova. The dress was the result of a joint effort among IBM, and Marchesa.

What was really super smart about this gown was the fact that the LED colors from the flowers on the dress was glowing, and according to the impressions given to the Met Ball, Marchesa, and IBM the dresses colors changed.

It is literally a cognitive dress which will react to emotion! Now talk about smart fashion!

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