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About That Long Awaited event On Game Of Thrones

So before you begin reading this article, if you have not yet watched the second episode of the 6th season of our long awaited Game of Thrones then you need to stop reading right this instant, and close the browser or jump onto another article.

However, for those of us who got the chance to catch the second episode of Game of Thrones, this episode contained probably one of the most highly anticipated events of this season, especially given that we have been waiting for this to happen for almost a year or so!

This episode they gave us what we were longing for the most, the return of Jon Snow. However with the appearance of Jon Snow, also comes the mention of Lyanna Stark, the woman we speculate is Jon Snow’s real mother. However there is so much speculation concerning this event, and as a matter of fact, in earlier seasons, one Game of Thrones character Lord Beric Dondarrion in the Brotherhood Without Banners a group with whom Arya Stark resided for a while, Lord Beric was said to have risen from the dead six times by a red priest, while Jon Snow was risen by a Red Woman.

This allows for so many questions we have not yet had the full capacity to analyze, however we truly look forward to entertaining ourselves with what is about to happen to Jon Snow, will he be the same man? What larger plot is Jon Snow really a part of, well I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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