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The Essence of Qatar


As you all have heard, the Qatari Tourism Authority, has commissioned the film The Essence of Qatar. This short has truly been given positive reviews for its perspectives on Qatar’s culture, tourism, and heritage.

The film was submitted to the New York Film Festival, and has been awarded the Gold Medal. The film sheds light on Qatar as an emerging gem, entertaining, moving, and utterly breathtaking.

The New York Film Festival Association exclaimed: “The stand-out images and imagery in The Essence of Qatar earned more than one perfect score from our Grand Jury of international award-winning content creators. When New York Festivals inaugurated the Event Venue category, it was with the purpose of recognising this specialised genre of programming.”

“ It’s a highly creative film which is pretty unconventional in its cinematic visual style, deliberately aimed at making an emotional impact with audiences around the world. So it’s particularly gratifying to hear that it has been recognised by the New York Festivals in this way.”

Congrats to the Qatari people on the brilliant success in the world of cinema!

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