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Pepsi Collaborates With Karim Rashid For Pepsi Premium Collection

Pepsi is known for displaying its brand name in the most wonderful ways. Regardless of the harms and high levels of sugar in everybody’s favorite beverage, people are constantly striving to drink it, and it is possibly one of the best selling products humanity has ever known.

However Pepsi has released a limited edition collection, of designer bottles, coasters, and Pepsi Fridge, bottle opener, and so much more for the diehard Pepsi lovers. The concept is Pepsi Premium, and the bottles were designed by the renowned designer, Karim Rashid. This was unveiled at the Milan design week.

We always love hearing about innovative concepts for brands we use daily. It is always important that these brands constantly give back to the consumer.karim-rashid-pepsico-premium-bottles--818x1254karim-rashid-pepsico-premium-bottles-06-818x824

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