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The Unveiling Of Doha Metro

As we all have been hearing, Qatar is currently in the brinks of building its brand new state of the art metro station. Qatar Rail, has unveiled the photographs of the Doha Metro, and the Lusail Tram.

The project is said to be finalized by the year 2020. The Doha metro will hold the name “Al Faras”, for our Arabic speaking readers, the word al faras is already well known, however for those of you who do not know, al faras is the synonym of a horse, the animal known for its speed, posture, strength, and beauty.

The metro will move at 100km/hr, making it one of the world’s fastest driven driverless means of public transport. While the Doha metro tram is said to be completed in 2019, the Lusail Tram will be complete in the year 2020.Metro-1_0

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