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QatARt Handmade Market At Katara

You know how we love all things personal, and heartfelt. Now what better heartfelt item can a person fathom than one made from the loving hands of the person designing this item. Luckily, if you are also a fan of all things hand made with love. Then the Katara QatART initiative is definitely the place for you to be.

Katara, Qatar’s renowned cultural village has organized a handmade market. The market includes beautiful hand crafter ornaments. During this time of year, the individuals behind QatART showcase their hand crafted products at the Katara Art. Participants of all ages will have the chance to present their creativity through workshops held at the market

A team of ladies, consisting of six volunteers, will organize the activities of the group and help members to expose their handmade products to the Qatari market. So for those who enjoy beautiful things made with creativity, passion, love, and craftsmanship, make sure to visit Qatar’s Katara, or visit their website here.

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