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Charming Charlie Opens In Doha

Shopping in Qatar includes making so many choices. For every single item we wear, we tend to visit a different retailer. However one brand has made its way to Doha, and it holds every single type of accessory there is. The store is none other than the renowned brand Charming Charlie.

Charming Charlie has just opened its doors in the Ezdan Mall in Doha. The store covers an area of 2,900 square feet, which hold a countless number of accessories for fashionistas in Doha.

The vibrant concept includes lines of accessories, from watches, to handbags, to leather goods, belts, scarves, footwear, and basically any form of accessory there ever was. Also, releasing exclusive lines from time to time, the brand offers to amp up the scale of fashion savvy on Doha’s fashion scene.

“As one of the world’s commercial capitals, Doha is an essential market for our expanding footprint in the Middle East.  It’s exciting to bring Charming Charlie’s colorful palette of accessories and playful shopping experience to more women throughout the world,” Chanaratsopon added.

We are super excited to visit this locale soon, we will definitely bring more intel to our readers concerning this awesome locale.

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