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#WorldHealthDay: Raising Awareness on The Dangers of Diabetes

Today is World Health Day! It is a day marked for our awareness of a wide spread health crisis, which affects our generation, and future generations to come as well. The main goal of world health day is to raise awareness on the rise of diabetes, its consequences and burdens.

According to the World Health Organization 422 million people in the world suffer from diabetes, this number is likely to double within the next twenty years. 1.5 million People die of diabetes per year, making it the leading cause of death worldwide; this is according to research conducted in 2012. More than 80% of these deaths happen in less fortunate countries.

90% of people with diabetes have the type B diabetes. Having diabetes should induce a sense of health-consciousness for individuals, people with diabetes are able to live long and healthy lives, as long as early detection is allocated, and the individual follows a suitable and healthy diet, and lifestyle.

Diabetes is a grave issue for our generation, it is a concern that each and every individual should have. Leading a healthy life is extremely essential and necessary, since diabetes can lead to blindness, amputation, and kidney failure. We hope this day brings as much awareness on issues of diabetes as possible, it is important that all of us raise our voices for this cause. #WorldHealthDay

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