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Ipanema: All The Way From Brazil To Doha

Named after the wealthy neighborhood located in the South of Rio de Janeiro, you could say that Ipanema is as rich in taste and flavors as the area it was inspired by. Read along why you should try this delicious special Brazilian restaurant in Doha.

Ipanema is not only the best Brazilian restaurant in Doha but also one of the best restaurants the Qatari capital has to offer, according to the ratings and reviews on Tripadvisor where it managed to place itself at the seventh position.

Located at the Marriott Marquis City Center Doha, Ipanema is an award-winning authentic Brazilian Churrascaria (a restaurant specialized in churrasco) which simply means steakhouse in Portuguese. Usually, these restaurants in Brazil have a Rodizio style of service where customers pay a fixed price and the waiters keep serving samples of food until the guests signal they had enough.

This is also the case at Ipanema, an all-you-can-eat diner where guests can enjoy various kinds of sizzling meats on skewers, including delicious ribs and chicken wings. The concept is that the waiters named ‘Passadores’ come by the table with the skewers and slice off the meat directly in front of you.

The diners are given a coin, which they can flip over when they finish, the green sign will tell the waiters to keep the food coming while the red side means they are full.

All of this food can be enjoyed in a very friendly atmosphere with live entertainment and the restaurant is also a great place for group gatherings.

Don’t forget to finish off with fresh grilled pineapple that will help you digest the large amounts of food consumed.


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