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Vintage Motor Show At Katara Cultural Village Doha

Katara is a constant home to the arts, and to everything splendid and beautiful, organizing various exhibitions, of contemporary art, cultural art, and so much more. However, today Katara is home to an exhibition of different sorts. His Excellency Sheikh Thani bin Hamad Al Thani, inaugurate the 2016 edition of the Qatar Motor Show Luxury and Classic Cars, or in French Qatar’s “Concour D’Elegance”

The event has been organized by Gulf Qatari Classic Cars Association, under the patronage of HE the President of Qatar Olympic Committee Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad Al-Thani. This event is happening along the beach of Katara Cultural Village.

This event will take place from today, up until the 2nd of April 2016. The Qatar Motor Show Luxury and Classic Cars will be host to various rare gems in the world of automotive, these gems will be brought to light at this show, and they come from various areas of the world. The event runs until April 2, 2016 with participation of a group of prominent rare cars from the GCC countries and the world.

The event is a must-visit for vintage car lovers, and people with an avid love for high end, vintage designs. We are always happy to bring our readers the best from Katara, especially with their ongoing activities, and support for the arts, and for good design.

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