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Quartz: The Application You Need

Recently, we have come across an amazing application, which has become our basic source of news, and information, the application is one which relays the latest in news, however in a very unlikely, and yet fun form. The name of this news outlet is inspired by a mineral found all over the world, which contributes to powerful geological activity within the earth.

So many news applications inquire about the user’s interests, in order to generate push notifications which correspond to the interests of this user. However Quarts works more intelligently than so, the application tells the user of certain breaking news, and then asks them if they found this headline to be interesting.

If the user says “yes tell me more”, he then gets relevant details of the news, should this news be of no interest to this user, he then clicks on “tell me something else”, and is given news from a different category.

The concept is simple, and it feels much more like a piece of artificial intelligence, rather than a source of direct news. It is an application customized appropriately according to the user’s interests, and according to their concerns. Quartz is available to download on the app store, if one is looking for the entire experience, or you can visit the Quartz website for the latest in direct news.


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