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Protein Saturated Fruits & Vegetables

Are you looking for the best way to benefit from a healthy diet? You already know that vegetables and fruits are good for you and they can be a good source of protein like meats. They are also lower in saturated fat and higher in dietary fiber than animal sources. Let’s take a look at the fruits and vegetables that are the highest source of protein


Soy and beans pack the highest amount of proteins, and soybeans are the number one source between all the vegetables out there. They are in fact a complete protein, containing all the essential amino acids. Beans, on the other hand, provide many essential amino acids like isoleucine and lysine.

Cooked soybeans: 29g protein / cup

White beans or lentils: 19g protein / cup

Black beans: 15.2g protein / cup

Kidney beans: 14g protein / cup

Green vegetables that contain plentiful of protein are broccoli and spinach. The proteins found in broccoli accounts to 34% of its dry matter while cauliflower contains 27%.

Cooked broccoli: 4.6g protein / cup

Cauliflower: 3g protein / cup

Cooked spinach: 5.3g protein / cup

Frozen, canned or drained spinach: 6g protein / cup


Fruits can be a good source of protein too, although they provide less than vegetables and beams. You just have to know which ones to incorporate in your diet. Here’s a list at the top fruits and their protein count:

Guavas: 2.6g protein in 100g

Passion fruit : 2.2g protein in 100g

Avocados: 2g protein in 100g

Kumquats: 1.9g protein in 100g

Pomegranate: 1.7g protein in 100g

Apricots: 1.4 protein in 100g

Blackberries and mulberries: 1.4g protein in 100g

Kiwi: 1.2g protein in 100g

Raspberries: 1.2g protein in 100g


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