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Bedouin Tents For The FIFA 2022 Qatar Experience

So many events and happenings going on in Doha, for the purpose of preparing for the 2022 FIFA World Cup; last week, we brought our readers a list of the venues which will host the games for this championship. However today, we came to learn of a uniquely interesting concept, about to mold itself, for the purpose of this world cup.

Doha is quite a modern city; however the heritage of Qatar is something which every local Qatari prides themselves with. It is the root of the whole Qatari experience.

“At the heart of this World Cup is a commitment to showcase the hospitality and friendship of the Middle East. As a result, we’re actively researching the concept of supporters sleeping under the stars,” a spokesperson for Qatar’s World Cup Supreme Committee said.

The concept at hand is one which allows the fans visiting the world cup, to sleep under the stars, and specifically in Bedouin tents, in close proximity to the venues. The initiative is yet to be developed however it truly exemplifies the cultural requirements which Qatar will be displaying during the FIFA cup. We are on the lookout for more details on the events, and what exactly will be conceptualized for these creative venues.



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