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Qatar’s Al Riwaq Gallery Home To Sea Monster Installation By Franco-Chinese Contemporary Artist Huang Yong Ping

As our readers already know, Qatar is currently hosting an exhibition by a multitude of Chinese contemporary artists, however today we came to hear of one impressive installation within this exhibition. The artist who is the curator for this event is Cai Guo-Qiang, who took three years of dedicated hard work to put together the contemporary art for this exhibition.

One of the most significant works which were displayed within the exhibition is a sculpture by Franco-Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping, who constructed a sea monster by the name of Wu Zei, originally for the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco.

The sea monster is the mutation of an octopus and a cuttlefish, it is a massive structure suspended from the museum roof, with its tentacles dangled from the ceilings, around the columns of the museum, where one of the creatures’ tentacles is seen carrying trash, oil, and dead animals.

This work is greatly significant as it is a piece of art which reflects on the maritime catastrophes caused by man, it is an ode to the human conscience, and to the human understanding of the earth, and maritime biology. This beautiful ornament should serve as a reminder that our waters matter more than anything, and we truly hope for this to be a wakeup call for all those who visit this wonderful exhibition.

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