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Let’s Talk About Clever Pasta Packaging

We recently came across an extremely clever concept for pasta packaging. Pasta is one of the items we purchase the most, given how easy and simple it is to make pasta. It works with every single ingredient, and we have already given our avid readers a few tips on making pasta at home, or on the various sauces one can pair their pasta with.pasta packaging concept3pasta packaging concept1

The concept we came across is designed by a Russian based designer named Nikitta. The designer drew inspiration from women’s hair. Pasta comes in different shapes, and different textures, much like women’s hair. So the concept behind this smart packaging was to draw a woman, with a transparent head of hair, and let the pasta inside the package take the place of their actual hair.pasta packaging concept2

The result was brilliant, and so much fun, the package is truly one which is smart, and corresponds to the spirit of the product. We truly enjoy such clever initiatives when it comes to branding and design, and hope to see some more brilliant work from designers.pasta packaging concept4

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