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Hamad International Airport Dubbed The Number One Airport In The Middle East By Skytrax

Airports are a place we all tend to enjoy discovering, every airport you visit, serves as a first impression of the country or city one is about to visit. Today, we have had some great news regarding none other than Qatar’s HIA airport.

The Hamad International Airport was dubbed the best airport in the Middle East. According to Skytrax the world’s most trusted ranking scale for airports; Hamad International Airport took the tenth spot worldwide.

When the airport first opened in 2014, Skytrax’s ranking of the airport placed it in 75th place, then in 2015 the airport came in 22nd space, and within this year’s ranking took on 10th place, which makes it the only Middle Eastern Airport to be included within the top ten.hamad international airport 2

Brilliant news for Doha, HIA’s Chief Operating Officer Badr Mohammed Al Meer added in a statement: “We pledge to continue improving our infrastructure and delivering an exceptional travel experience to all our passengers, who have graciously given us their vote of confidence.”

Skytrax, uses a set of 39 criteria, in order to evaluate airports, and determine the best of them, taking into consideration check ins, shopping, queues, and practically every detail a passenger goes through when visiting the airport. We truly hope Doha persists with excellence, and with exponential speed of development.



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