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Krane: A Modern Chinese Dining Experience At The Pearl Doha

If you are looking to dine in the glamorous area of The Pearl in Doha and want an authentic culinary experience, make sure you head to Krane, one of the best Chinese restaurants in Qatar.

It’s the equivalent of the Croisette in Cannes and one ultimate dining experience awaits Chinese food lovers in the Pearl Doha. There you will find traditional Chinese cuisine presented with a modern twist and savored in a contemporary setting.

Krane has indeed mastered a new urban way to present authentic Chinese culinary traditions, creating a certain melting pot of cultures celebrating diversity.

The name of the restaurant is inspired by the highly symbolic and majestic bird represented since ancient times in Chinese mythology. The crane bird is known for its beauty and grace and represents a soaring spirit and lasting health and happiness.

The interior of the restaurant is sophisticated and trendy with a traditional subtle feel about it but not in an overwhelming way.  According to the restaurant’s description, the design is supposed to embrace the five elements of nature (water, fire, wood, earth and metal) to celebrate an enriching and long life.

The Chinese restaurant initially opened in 2010 and was formerly known as ‘Tsé Yang’ before it was re-opened in November 2015 and renamed as Krane.

The food is amazing especially the restaurant’s delicious Special Peking Duck, which is a favorite amongst many of the restaurants’ visitors. You can also opt for the pre-set menus suggested by the restaurant, but most importantly don’t leaving without having a taste of their black sesame ice cream.


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