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Hey! VINA: The First Application Bringing Women Together

App Stores are overcrowded with dating applications and tools for couples or individuals to meet according to their common interests, locations, and so on and so forth. Some of these applications include the popular Tinder, OKCupid, Raya, and so many more.

Okay, for single people these applications are fun, they are useful, and quite an easy tool to meet other people. When people enter a new community one of the biggest challenges they have is meeting new people, and making new friends.

One individual took this though, and turned it into something concrete. Olivia Pool moved to San Francisco California, in 2009. At the time she worked for OKCupid. Pool found it to be a challenge for women to make friends easily, especially when they move to a different country. So she partnered with her friend Jen Aprahamian, and created an application called Hey! VINA.

What is VINA? Vina is an application, dedicated to women, for the purpose of meeting new women friends, according to interests, geographic location, and VINAs very own criteria. This reduces the challenges women usually face making new friends in foreign environments.

It is a brilliant initiatives by the two ladies Olivia Pool, and Jen Aprahamian, we truly think this is one of the more intelligent applications out there, and we know how hard, and how lonely it can be to make new friends is new places, we salute this initiative, and we cannot wait for VINA to be available in all countries around the world, and specifically in the middle east.

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