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A New Way To See Supermodels

Body image is an issue for all women; it is something women have been battling for years. Every time we flip open a magazine, we witness beautiful figures of perfection, which are considered unattainable, and since each and every body type is different than the other. The definition of beautiful is beginning to change in our world today.anna-ewers-christy-turlington-liya-kebede-linda-evangelista-by-jason-schmidt-for-harpers-bazaar-us-april-2016-1

The stick thin figures, are no longer dubbed healthy, they are now perceived as entities of perfection. The media has begun forming a tendency towards more diverse models, models of color, of different body types, of shape, and size.

However, we came across a project a couple of days ago, which truly impressed us. This project is titled “A New Way To See Supermodels”. The project consists of the actual supermodels we see in magazines, sitting for a portrait. What you see in the portrait versus the super model truly is touching.anna-ewers-christy-turlington-liya-kebede-linda-evangelista-by-jason-schmidt-for-harpers-bazaar-us-april-2016-2

This optimal and ideal beauty is perceived in the eyes of the beholder Francesco Clemente, who was asked to paint these models, in his very own brush, and with his style for the upcoming issue of Harpers Bazar . This artist embraces the strange; he understands and finds beauty in things we tend to skip.anna-ewers-christy-turlington-liya-kebede-linda-evangelista-by-jason-schmidt-for-harpers-bazaar-us-april-2016-4

Giving an identity to a model whose face we see daily, in magazines, in stores, and advertisements is challenging, and recreating these beautiful models in such portraits should serve as a reminder that we should always find core in what we see. This again, should serve as a reminder for individuals to embrace and love each and every single part of them at every age, and in our own skin. This project is a tribute to individuality.  

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