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Game of Thrones #RealmToTheRescue

A moving tribute and message appeared on the internet today. While checking our social media feeds we stumbled upon a video breaking the internet, as always the subject was none other than the cast of Game of Thrones.

This time however the characters were unmasked, the video was not a promotion for the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, and it was something completely different.

Game of Thrones partnered with Rescue.org, for the release of this video:

The message behind the video was extremely touching and it should make people feel what needs to be felt concerning the crisis at hand. In this video the characters tell you about the real war, about individuals leaving their homes, about a country which has turned into a battle ground for politics and war. The Syrians have endured so much, and they have been through hell and back. Almost half of the population has fled the country, which makes half of the Syrian people without homes, without the comfort of their bed.

Everyone’s favorite character asked the viewers to donate, and help support this enduring people. A brilliant initiative by a brilliant team, we truly hope everyone able to give these individuals support and help, will have the courage and will to do so. A humanitarian cause should overshadow all politics.

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