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The Beautiful Hotel Sahara Maroc By Architect Stuart Church

Thinking of the orient, one country stands for colorful culture. Morocco has long been a haven for individuals with flair of oriental love. So today we would like to show our readers a true piece of architectural brilliance, coupled with beautiful colors, and vibrant patterns. The late Stuart Church who has been a resident of Tangier Morocco ever since the 1960s, has come to design one of the most beautiful hotels in Morocco, the hotel is called Hotel Sahara Palace.

What is extremely beautiful about this hotel is its ability to transport the visitor onto realms of oriental dreams, and fantasy. Minimalism does not excite Stuart Church who instead opted for brilliant schemes of color, high ceilings, long ornate corridors, and a downright brilliant hotel design.

The hotel lies on a 54 hectare piece of land, surrounded by greenery and palm trees, all of the rooms at the hotel overlook the beautiful Atlas Mountains. Hotel Sahara Palace Maroc is inspired by Moorish, Indian, and Venetian architecture.

It consists of 84 rooms, of which 15 are suits, and one main palace, the hotel is surrounded by four riads, each riad consist of 36 rooms, 4 luxury suites, and one family suite, also offering a private shared patio space.

The hotel is a treat for the eyes, it is thirty minutes away from the city, and it an ideal location to relax, and truly enjoy Moroccan culture, every single room in this hotel was designed with a different, and creative color scheme, rendering it one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture seen.




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