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Signature de Chanel Blends Fine Jewelery & Quilted Patterns

After the success of its Coco Crush collection last year through the e-commerce website Net-A-Porter, Chanel Fine Jewelry launched a new collection for 2016 entitled ‘Signature de Chanel’.

Back in April 2016, the six-peace Coco Crush collection exclusively launched through the website was composed of five rings and a cuff imprinted with Chanel’s ‘iconic quilted detailing’ in 18-karat yellow and white gold. The price of the rings ranged then between $2,150 and $3,500, while the  cuff was priced at $20,500.

Within 24 hours, three of these pieces including the cuff were sold out, while the others remained available for around one month, before being sold in Chanel boutiques worldwide.

Now with its Signature collection, the brand continues with exploring the quilting expertise that made the house famous, along with the renowned cropped black jacket, pearls, and the beige color.

It all started with Coco Chanel’s 2.55 handbag, launched in 1955. Later on, the quilted handcraft was incorporated in clutches, jackets, accessories, footwear and even haute couture.

The collection ‘Signature de Chanel’ is divided into 11 mini-collections with 48 pieces and the pattern is embellished with diamonds, mother-of-pearl marquetry, rock crystal and pearls, set on 18k white gold.

The signature d’Or mini-collection is composed of a ring and cuff set on 18k yellow gold with brilliant-cut diamonds. Other mini-collections include ‘Signature de Saphir’ and ‘Signature de Perles’ with Japanese cultured pearls while the ‘Signature Acidulée’ collection includes a ring set with an aquamarine stone.

Overall, the collection with its chunky shapes and smooth curves looks very elegant and we couldn’t expect less from a Chanel Fine Jewelry collection, but it is also very practical as the quilted patterns, while combining a multitude of stones, embrace the body’s every movement. Something we thought is reminiscent of the fashion house’s spirit, which was successful in combining both elegance and comfort.



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