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Exactly How We Will Wear The Future: Smart Fashion

Wearable technology is the latest fashion with tech companies rolling out their smart watches and other high-tech gadgets. Smart clothing on the other hand combines the usual fabric used in fashion with micro-sensors that collect your physiological data, which could be of great help to professional athletes as well as sports fanatics.

Today, everyone interested in technology is obsessed with self-measurement tools from T-shirts that can measure a runner’s heart rate or blood oxygen levels, sneakers with connective threads that allow design changes, to smart bodysuits that monitor babies’ sweat and hats that change their color according to the wearer’s mood.

Among the companies that are interested in smart clothing is Heddoko, which manufactures a smart compression bodysuit that tracks full body movements in 3D, offering real-time feedback through a mobile application.

Another company is Hexoskin that offers smartshirts that can measure heart rate, breathing rate, the intensity of your workouts and how much sleep you are getting. These products are compatible with different fitness apps and devices.

Famous fashion houses like Ralph Lauren have also showed interest in the world of high-tech through their Polo Tech Shirt. With its woven biosensing silver fibers, the shirt can record your biometric data on a smartphone or tablet app, tracking the amount of calories burned and the intensity of your workout. It can also help with your blood circulation and muscle recovery.

For those obsessed with running competition and marathons, there is Xsensio producing smartclothes with monitors and sensors that will give ECG readings, core body temperature, and alert a runner if they are becoming dehydrated.

As sports fashion heads to the next level with wearable technologies making it available to the wide audience, we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us or how our favorite brands will integrate this technology into its products.


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