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The Films We Most Look Forward To Seeing This March

Are you undecided about what films to watch this month at the theater? Don’t worry because we selected for you the top 5 must-see movies for March 2016.

  1. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

It’s the biggest showdown everyone’s waiting for on the big screen. As people start to question Superman’s threat to humanity, Batman must right Superman’s wrongs. Then comes along a much greater threat, Doomsday created by evil billionaire Lex Luthor. As a result, the Man of Steel (Henry Cavill) and the Dark Knight (Ben Affleck) must set aside their differences to fight it.

  1. The Divergent series: Allegiant

Fans of the Divergent series will be impatiently waiting for the third installment Allegiant. As Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) are thrust into a new world, they face shocking new truths and far more dangers than ever before.

  1. Eye in the Sky

This is a gripping thriller about the morals in war and ethical decision-making. The excellent Helen Mirren stars as Col. Katherine Powell, a military officer in command of an operation to capture terrorists in Kenya, but everything changes when a young girl enters the kill zone. Another reason to see this movie is that it features the last live-action role that Alan Rickman took on before he passed away this year.

  1. The Little Prince

The first animated feature of one of the most beloved stories ever written by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry will enchant both kids and adults. It tells the story of a little girl living in a grown-up world and introduced by the Aviator to an extraordinary universe where anything is possible: the world of the Little Prince.

  1. Marguerite

Prepare yourself for good laughs with this hilarious French film starring the talented Catherine Frot who won a César as Best Actress for her performance. She plays Marguerite, a wealthy woman who loves to sing opera although she lacks talent. Her husband and friends indulge her with her fantasies but problems begin when she decides to perform in front of a real audience. So as the tagline says, ‘cover your ears and open your heart’ for this emotional comedy.







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