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An Introduction To Marchesa

Marchesa is one of the brands which grew fast, and made an immediate impression. Marchesa has only been in the market for a few years, and it is a brand which has yet to accomplish a lot, but one which has already contributed greatly to the fashion industry, to award shows, and red carpets.Marchesa

The brand Marchesa was launched in 2004, when costume designer Georgina Chapman, and Print and Embroidery Designer Keren Craign, collaborated, and decided to launch a brand which was all their own. The two women, embarked on what would later be an immensely successful journey.Marchesa 2

They started off creating a couture collection, and then latter on created a diffusion collection titled Notte by Marchesa, they also created hangbag lines, and collaborated with Lenox for a line of dinnerware. However one of the most notable aspects of Marchesa’s designs is their ephemeral line for bridal dresses.Marchesa 3

Marchesa also collaborated with Le Metier De Beaute for a special cosmetics line, and created a fine Jewelry line in February of 2015, which was sold exclusively at Macy’s.Marchesa 4

The brand itself was named after Marchesa Luisa Casati, which was known to be a living work of art and a woman who drew inspiration, and awe around her every move. The brand is still expanding, and we are seeing more and more Marchesa dresses on the runway, specifically during last night’s Oscar awards, where Isla Fischer, Jennifer Jasson Leigh, and Chrissy Tiegen wore exquisite numbers by the designer.


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