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On The Evolution Of The Iphone

We look at our smart phones practically more than anything else during the day. This little device is our primary portal to obtaining information, sending and receiving information, as well as tracking how many steps we took, and a million more functions. To so many of us, the Iphone is the device of choice when it comes to carrying a smart phone. However a lot has changed since the first edition of the Iphone up until the 9th edition of the device.

The first edition of the Iphone was released on June the 19th 2007, it was priced at $499 for the 4GB version, and $599 for the 8GB edition. Back then the Iphone was more like a good camera, an ipod, and an internet browser combined, the first Iphone did not allow third party applications.

The Iphone 3G was later released after the first edition of the Iphone, which had a thinner design, the iphone 3G was followed by the 3GS which has better camera, extra storage options, and voice control, better multimedia, and internet capabilities, however it had the same design as the 3G model.

The 3GS, was followed by the Iphone 4 which had a flat design, with high resolution retina display, 5MP Camera, HD Video, and performance improvements. However the Iphone 4S also had its share of improvements, starting with better graphic capabilities, an A5 processor, 8MP camera, 1080p video, and it was home to the birth of Siri our favorite virtual assistant.

After the Iphone 4S, the biggest iteration for the Iphone happened with the release of the Iphone 5, which had a different display, it was 20% lighter, with a 4inch wide screen of 640×1136 pixels. The Iphone 5, was followed by the Iphone 5C and the Iphone 5S. The Iphone 5C was the more affordable version of the iphone, it had a plastic back, a larger battery, the Iphone 5S also had a fingerprint reader, it had better image displays. The Iphone 5S was probably one of the most successful Iphone models to be released.

Following the release of the 5S, the Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 plus were released, with two options of screen sizes, beautiful image display, and the most significant change was moving the power button from the top to the right side of the Iphone. Following the release of the Iphone 6, and the Iphone 6 Plus, the Iphone 6S, and the Iphone 6S Plus were released, they had new colors such as rose gold, as well as 3D touch technology.

The Iphone has really become an amazing device, ever since its release we have always anticipated what Apple had in store for the next Iphone however what we wish to see with the next version of the iphone is wireless charging.

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