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Jim Bachor Turns Potholes Into Mosaic Art

artist creates mosaics in potholes6Potholes are truly despicable, it is this annoying hole in the middle of the road, people tend to dislike them because for one, they look horrible, they are an unnecessary hole in the ground, they are harmful to cars, and they make roads look like they are in need of patchwork. So one Chicago based artist, tackled this issue in the cutest, and most creative way.artist creates mosaics in potholes5

Instead of dwelling, and disliking the looks of this ugly looking hole, this artist got creative, and turned these holes into beautiful mosaics.  This artist is called Jim Bachor. He began making mosaics in these holes ever since 2013, and today he has decorated holes all over Chicago, and Finland.

artist creates mosaics in potholes4

What is really interesting about this artist’s street deco is the fact that it began with typography, with the names, and numbers of the neighboring stores, however this hobby turned into a more artsy hobby, and Bachor began drawing flowers, ice cream cones, and so many beautiful vivid drawings.artist creates mosaics in potholes3

It gives us so much hope to see young talents, who care for the everyday aesthetics especially that they are the aesthetics which influence our daily lives the most. Making something common beautiful, betters our own lifestyle without us feeling it. We really hope to keep seeing such initiatives and beauty in street art.artist creates mosaics in potholes2

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