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This Seikei University Library In Tokyo Let’s You Study In A Floating Bubble

We all have our eyes on Tokyo especially when it comes to innovation, technology, architecture, and design. The people of Tokyo have truly made their city one to be appreciated. So within the past week, we told you about the amazing concept houses found within Tokyo. So today, we got to learn of a state of the art concept in Tokyo which we truly appreciate.seikei library floating 5jpg

This concept is directly related to education, and as we all know the Japanese have amazingly advanced educational institutions. So recently we came to learn of one university, the Seikei University which has come to do things differently than others. This university has come to build an amazingly progressive library, where students are able to study, and do research in a little glass dome.seikei library floating 4

Shigeru Ban is the architect behind this institution, he was born in 1957 in Tokyo, he studied in Tokyo, and later at the Southern California Insitute of Architecture, and then later on at the Cooper Union School of Architecture. The architect was credited by the Japan Institute of Architects, winning several awards, and acclaimed prizes.seikei library floating3

The institution is truly unique, the building and facilities are state of the art, and they are definitely worth looking at. We imagine studying in a floating glass bubble shouldn’t be so annoying after all.seikei library floating2

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