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The Most Gorgeous Beaches In Qatar

The peninsular monarchy surrounded by the Arabian Sea has a 563-km sandy coastline, which means there is a big number of sandy beaches available all over the country. If you are someone who constantly need the sun even during wintertime, make sure to head to one of these beaches.

Fuwairat 1

Khor Al Adaid

Sharing a shore with Saudi Arabia, Khor Al Adaid is an inland sea in the South of Qatar. For a trip to this beach, you definitely need a four-wheel drive vehicle and it is recommended to go there with several groups if you are not familiar with the area, or you can find some local tour operators that organize day trips and night camps to this beach spot.

Al Ghariya Beach

This is a preferred destination for many as people don’t need a 4×4 to get there. The country’s scouting movement use the location for desert camps and the beach is a great getaway for camping lovers. The location includes a beach resort as well as a sandy beach to the north.

Bir Zekreet or Ras Abrouq

Although arriving at this beach will need a long 4×4 GPS drive, it is totally worth it. Not only will you be able to enjoy a crystal clear water and clean shore, you will also be able to take in an astonishing view of limestone formations. It is best to go there during ‘winter months’ because of the crowds but you can still go during other parts of the year because the area is very vast.


One of the most picturesque and beautiful beach spots in Qatar, Fuwairat offers a singular view of eroded hills in unusual formations meeting the water’s edge. It is a great destination for picnics as the area includes a sandy bay with coves. If you love beautiful photography, make sure to grab your camera, as you will certainly feel the need to take some amazing snapshots at sunset.

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