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The Lunar Eclipse Within The Coming Weeks

Every once in a few decades, lifetimes, or maybe sometimes centuries, a lunar eclipse happens, the moon aligns with the sun, casting darkness across lands. The moon gradually covers the sun, until natural light dims out, and a surreal night casts its shadows during the mid-day. This event is truly awe inducing, and it is quite a rarity. However within the coming few weeks, a lunar eclipse is coming our way.

On March the 9th, within the coming month, a total solar eclipse will happen as part of the repeating Saros cycle 130, which began in 1096 and will end in the year 2394. To a wide stretch of Asia, the eclipse will be partially visible, however to experience total darkness from this lunar eclipse, the best place to be is Indonesia, beginning in Sumatra, and all the way onto the pacific. The magnitude of the eclipse is -0.312, while the penumbral magnitude of the eclipse is 0.775.

The total duration of the eclipse is 4 hours, 15 minutes, and it will not be visible in the entire world, however some places on the planet will be able to see the full eclipse, while others such as Brazil, Greenland, Argentina, and Uruguay will be able to see part of the eclipse as visible.

So many individuals around the world will be able to witness this event, and for those who won’t, we will make sure to provide a video detailing the eclipse on the said date.

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