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Must Have Pants For Your Corporate Outfits

If you really get bored of choosing everyday what to wear for work and, at the same time, you want to feel confident in the workplace, then read our article on the best chic pants that you can wear for work.

When women think about their work wardrobe, they think of classy pieces so they usually stick to black, grey and navy pants. But we are here to show you that a single original piece can elevate your outfit from boring to exciting. All you have to do is choose patterns that you like.

Stella McCartney checkered pantsCheckered pants

This is the trendiest pattern of the year and you may have seen it everywhere on shirts, scarves and even pants. If you want to wear a checkered pattern to work, pick a classic one with minimum colors like these chic Stella McCartney pants.

ASOS Floral pantsFloral pattern

Floral pants are not exclusive for Spring and Summer, they can also be worn for work in Winter and Autumn if you pick a black or dark pattern. Choose patterns like these dark green ASOS floral pants, accessorize with a black blazer and you can’t go wrong!

Zara metallic pants

Leather or metallic

Yes, you can definitely wear leather or metallic pants to work if you keep the other items of your outfit simple. Try these Zara metallic pants or simply a burgundy leather pants and town them down with a white, grey or black shirt. The best thing is you can easily transition in the evening from business chic to casual eveningwear.

Tory Burch Confetti pantsBlack and white

One of the best combination for a work outfit is a black top and blazer with an elegant black and white pattern. It’s easy and efficient. Try these confetti jacquard pants from Tory Burch and you will feel stylish and at ease all at once!


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