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The Series To Binge Watch This Weekend

Just like chocolate, binge-watching is a guilty pleasure for many or a not so guilty one if you find that friends and people on the internet are enjoying your favorite shows as much as you. These are some of the series that we though you would enjoy binge-watching this weekend based on popular shows right now.

If you like Game of Thrones, watch Outlander

It has been called the Scottish GoT but it’s mainly because both shows are sci-fi and set in medieval times. Outlander tells the story of a married combat nurse from 1945 who is mysteriously transported back in time to 1743 where she falls in love with a Scottish warrior but faces life-threatening events. Season 1 was widely acclaimed by both critics and fans for the original story and amazing performances and season 2 will premiere in April 2016.

If you like Arrow, watch Daredevil

Based on the Marvel Comics Superhero with the same name, the first season of Daredevil is already available on Netflix. The series will make you forget Ben Affleck’s disappointing performance, as it is much better than the 2003 movie. If you don’t know the story, it’s about a blind lawyer by day and a blind superhero vigilante by night, which is already a very promising start. So hurry up and finish season 1 because season 2 will available on March 18.

If you like shows like CSI and Chicago P.D, watch True Detective

True Detective is one of HBO’s top shows and for many reasons. An anthology and crime thriller, it follows cop Rust Cohle and his partner Martin Hart as they investigate crimes committed by a brutal criminal. The series features an amazing cast with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson leading season 1, while Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams take on the second season.

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