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The Greenest & Cleanest Cities On Earth

Every week on the blog, we discuss a rather important environmental issue, or initiative. We feel it is one of the most important priorities to educate ourselves, and broaden our minds, in order for us to live a healthy life, in an eco-friendly planet. On the personal level, so much can be done, however on a larger scale, and with a more flamboyant macro perspective, the world is now facing severe environmental issues due to carbon emissions, the use of non-renewable energy, toxic wastes, and so many more. This has begun taking effect, and has resulted in the melting of ice caps, severe health disorders, and diseases, and to the extinction of so many animal species.

What we are doing to our planet is extremely serious, and the least we could do is involve ourselves within the capacities at our reach. Some countries however, have dealt with these environmental issues without being plagued by the superior motive of wealth, some cities truly care for our planet, so today, we have rounded up a list of the greenest cities and most eco friendly cities in the world.

Reykjavik, Iceland:

This entire city now runs on 100% renewable energy resources. Iceland only utilizes 0.1% in fossil fuels to power its electricity. They use hydro-power, and geothermal resources to power the entire city.


Copenhagen, Denmark:

In our previous article about the most bike friendly cities in the world, Copenhagen took an admirable spot, and this did not only happen because of their avid love of bicycles. Copenhagen plans on becoming a Carbon Neutral city by the year 2025.copenhagen-denmark

Helsinki, Finland:

Helsinki has been working on energy efficient programs ever since the year 1950. They have an extremely eco friendly infra structure, which encourages transportation with bicycles rather than cars. In 1992, Helsinki adopted a Sustainability Action Plan ever since 1992, and it is still working on it today.

helsinki finland

Vancouver, Canada:

The city of Vancouver Canada aims at becoming the greenest city in the world by the year 2020. Vancouver has very low carbon emissions, as well as solar powered garbage compactors.


San Francisco, California:

In San Franciso plastic bags are banned, with a mandatory recycling program for everyone, trash collection is at practically null averages in San Francisco, after having trained and informed its citizens on recycling processes.san francisco

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