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The Corridor: A Remarkable Art Gallery In Doha

A remarkable initiative by Grand Hyatt Doha has delighted art lovers in the Qatari capital since last year. Supported by the Hyatt Thrive initiative, it has put in place in partnership with Australian artist Pip Hoy a unique gallery space to support the art community in Qatar.

Locally based artists have now a special art space to exhibit their work to the Qatari public as well as tourists, and it’s called The Corridor, located as you may have guessed in a corridor, or more precisely in the hotel’s lobby.

Launched in the summer of 2015, back then 19 artists from 17 different nationalities were chosen to display their paintings and were given the chance to sell their artworks right from the hotel’s lobby.

The Hyatt Thrive initiative’s goal is not only to help the artists but also to gather the profits of the proceedings to a charity called ‘Room to Read’, which aims to improve literacy and gender equality in education by raising money to purchase a school library in a developing country.

Since January 2016, a solo exhibition of Contemporary skylines by British expat Stephen Watkins and resident of Doha has been taking place at ‘The Corridor’. Combining his passion for art and architecture, Watkins experiments with landscapes and structures and his work has, thus, been described as ‘architectural paintings’ of Doha’s skyline and landmarks.

He first started his career as an architect creating many building designs before he decided to combine his skill with his love of art. He started depicting many skylines around the world from New York to Dubai, Sydney and London, before moving to Doha. By living in the region, he was inspired by the local environment and developed, over the past years, a painting style with more Arabesque patterns.

Stephen Watkins’ solo exhibition of Contemporary skylines is available for visitors who can drop by the hotel anytime until March 19.

Doha Skyline - Mondrian style 1 2015

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